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Florian Luca

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Academic degree, name, surname:Florian Luca
Room, floor, building: A 109, Building A
Research interests and teaching:
Department/ Faculty: Department of Mathematics (Faculty of Science)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 2136
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Všechny publikace - anglicky

Luca, F., Bordelles, O. a Shparlinski, I. E. On the error term of a lattice counting problem. J NUMBER THEORY. 2018, roč. 2018, č. 182, s. 19-36. ISSN 0022-314X.
Luca, F. Cyclotomic factors of Serre's polynomials. In: 23rd Czech and Slovak International Conference on Number Theory. Ostravice. 2017.
Luca, F. a Gomez Ruiz, C. A. Fibonacci factoriangular numbers. INDAGAT MATH NEW SER. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 28, s. 796-804. ISSN 0019-3577.
Luca, F. a Fujita, Y. On Diophantine Quadruples Of Fibonacci Numbers. GLASNIK MATEMATICKI. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 52, s. 221-234. ISSN 0017-095X.
Luca, F., Bravo, J. J. a Yazan, K. On Pillai's Problem with Tribonacci Numbers and Powers of 2. BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 54, s. 1069-1080. ISSN 1015-8634.
Luca, F. On Polynomials Whose Roots Have Rational Quotient of Differences. B AUST MATH SOC. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 96, s. 185-190. ISSN 0004-9727.
Luca, F., Montejano, A., Szalay, L. a Togbe, A. On the X-coordinates of Pell equations which are Tribonacci numbers. ACTA ARITH. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 179, s. 25-35. ISSN 0065-1036.
Luca, F., Sha, M. a Shparlinski, I. E. On Two Functions Arising in the Study of the Euler and Carmichael Quotients. COLLOQUIUM MATHEMATICUM. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 149, s. 179-192. ISSN 0010-1354.
Luca, F., Garcia, S. R., Hong, Y. X., Pinsker, E., Sanna, C., Schechter, E. a Starr, A. p-adic quotient sets. ACTA ARITH. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 179, s. 163-184. ISSN 0065-1036.
Luca, F., Chapman, R., Berrizbeitia, P. a Mendoza, A. Quadratic forms representing pth terms of Lucas sequences. J NUMBER THEORY. 2017, č. 175, s. 134-139. ISSN 0022-314X.
Luca, F. a Toth, L. The rth Moment of the Divisor Function: An Elementary Approach. JOURNAL OF INTEGER SEQUENCES. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 20, ISSN 1530-7638.
Luca, F., Berczes, A., Pink, I. a Ziegler, V. Trinomials with integral S-unit coefficients having a quadratic factor. INDAGAT MATH NEW SER. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 28, s. 1200-1209. ISSN 0019-3577.

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Properties of number sequences and their applications
Main solverFlorian Luca
Period1/2017 - 12/2019
ProviderStandardní projekt GA ČR
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