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About the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry provides tuition of specialist disciplines of theoretical, semantic, and applied chemistry, including laboratory training.

The Department provides the following degree programmes: the Bachelor programme Chemistry (single major or in combination with another major), the follow-up Master’s programme Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, and the follow-up Master programmes Teaching Chemistry for Secondary Schools (single major or in combination with another major) and Teaching Chemistry for Elementary Schools (in combination with another major).

The lectures and seminars are held in modern auditoria. Laboratory training is performed in laboratories equipped with modern instruments, where students are acquainted with the latest methods utilized in chemistry practice and research. Graduates are equipped to work in companies, research institutes, and the educational system.

Research within the Department focuses on the chemistry of structure and surfaces of solids (calorimetric studies, thermal analysis, zeta-potential, electrochemical methods, reaction kinetics) and didactics of chemistry (new forms, methods, and means of education in chemistry).

Students’ Bachelor and Master’s theses focus on problems dealt with at the Department of Chemistry, but also involve practical applications to solve specific problems of cooperating workplaces and companies.

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