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CANCELLED - Summer School of Modern IT technologies 2019



Start date: August 19, 2019
End date: Sept. 17, 2019


August 19:
Registration, enrollment, setting up the internet connection, accommodation, welcome party
August 20 – September 16:
Networking course (2 weeks)
Social program (2 days)
Mobile application development (2 weeks)
September 17:
Closing ceremony


Part A: Networking fundamentals, routing and switching principles, basics of cybersecurity – Cisco Academy

The course focuses on the skills necessary to configure routers and switches in small and medium networks.

Main topics and skills obtained will include.

  • The basic principles of application services (www, e-mail), transport protocols (TCP, UDP), network protocols (IUpv4, IPv6), and physical layer technologies (WiFi, Ethernet),
  • Routing basics and configuration (static, RIP, OSPF) for both IPv4 and IPv6,
  • Switch configuration (VLAN, security),
  • WiFi configuration and securing fundamentals,
  • Cybersecurity basics.

The course will cover all skills and knowledge in Cisco Academy CCNA 1 and CCNA2. The successful students will obtain the Cisco certificate CCNA1 and CCNA2 at the end of the course.

Instructor/Teacher: dr. Tomáš Sochor, PhD., CCNA certified instructor

Part B: Mobile Application Development

The course focuses on the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS. Developments will take place in Java (Kotlin) and Swift. The course is structured so that students are actively building apps starting right away.

Topics include mobile device architecture, programming languages, software engineering, user interface design, and app distribution.

Course Topics:

  • Mobile operating systems (Android, iOS) and their features,
  • Development tools (Android Studio, Xcode) and programming languages (Java, Kotlin, Swift),
  • Design of the user interface,
  • Design and implementation of mobile applications.

Instructor/Teacher: dr. Rostislav Fojtík, PhD.

ECTS credits: 8 (for full time participation and passing final exams)


  • Operating Windows operating system (installing and running applications),
  • Basic programming knowledge (loops, jumps etc.),
  • Understanding of binary and hexadecimal numbers and their conversion to decimal and vice versa.


Any university student studying any university (Bc., Master of PhD. Degree) in the field related to IT in Erasmus+ program countries will be accepted. Acceptance of students from other countries will be accepted according to the organizer’s decision. Applications must be sent via e-mail to with subject: Summer School Registration.

The registration application must include

  • Name and Surname
  • Mobile phone number
  • Gender
  • The home university name and Erasmus code
  • (Optional) Request for accommodation (see details below).

Entries are accepted up to maximum capacity (12 students). After reaching the maximum capacity, spare entries will be accepted and then registration will be closed. The minimum number of participants is 5 persons. If the number of candidates is lower, the Summer School will be cancelled and all registered participants will be notified via e-mail not later than on June 30, 2019,


Participation in the Summer School is subject to the fee 100 EUR, for participants from Erasmus+ partner universities 50 EUR. The applicant has to arrange the Learning Agreement signed by his home university representative before the arrival. The fee includes participation in classes and social program. The payment of the fee is required in advance by a bank transfer. Details about the payment will be sent to every participant individually together with the acceptance of the application for registration. The travel, accommodation and other expenses must be paid by participants themselves.


It is available at the Jan Opletal university dormitory, in triple rooms with shared bathrooms. The Faculty and the city center are approximately 5 minutes by trolleybus or 20 minutes on foot from the dormitory. The accommodation will be offered by the organizer upon request. Basic information about the dormitory can be found on the website.

The accommodation must be paid by the student (approx. price CZK 200/night). Next options are available here.

Ostrava Summer School 2019 ikona pdf

Updated: 03. 07. 2019

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