Arrival Information

Before you pack to set off to us, please check current weather forecast, so that you bring suitable clothes. Also, it is recommended to check you phone roaming setting and enable your bank card for payments abroad.

In case you need some medication, it is recommended to come with a sufficient reserve that provides you with enough time to find new doctors here.

You can fly to Prague (Czech Rep.), Vienna (Austria) or Katowice (Poland).

Once you know your flight itinerary, you can send it to us and we will suggest the rest of the itinerary from the airport to Ostrava.

In general, you can get and pay for your connection tickets online.

Prague (Main Railway Station) – Ostrava: here, here and here.

Vienna Airport – Ostrava: here and here.

Katowice Airport – Ostrava: here.

This search engine serves as a universal one for various companies both for long distance journeys and public system within a particular city.

Updated: 21. 09. 2023