The Prestigious Prize for the Best Basic Research Was Awarded to Professor Marek Eliáš from the Faculty of Science

Professor Eliáš succeeded in the area of biological-environmental sciences.

Hygienic and Anti Epidemic Measures Inside the Faculty of Science Buildings

Dean’s Measure No. 18/ 2020

Our biologists criss-crossed the city with a network of birdhouses

The Faculty of Science cooperates with the City of Ostrava on a unique research project that focuses on passerines´ (songbirds) nesting ecology and the influence of urbanization on their nesting.

New virus discovered: Biologists from Ostrava have scored!

Scientists from the University of Ostrava discovered a new virus that nobody had ever seen before. They gave the surprising discovery a symbolic name: OstraVirus.

The meeting of wolves at the genetic junction in Central Europe

The number of wolves is increasing in Europe and, consequently, in Czechia. Thanks to its central geographic position, Czechia further facilitates the interconnecting of wolf populations. A scientific research has been carried out of contemporary grey wolf population structure in Central Europe by, among others, associate professor Pavel Hulva and his students at the Department of Biology and Ecology of the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava.

Extinction debt in Moravian Amazon proved

Interesting results often emerge when scientists from different fields start to cooperate. This has also been proved by the research of the influence of landscape history on the occurrence of old trees and specially protected beetles, which connects geographic and biological data and has just been published in a prestigious ecological journal.