Hygienic and Anti Epidemic Measures Inside the Faculty of Science Buildings

Dean’s Measure No. 18/ 2020 - Hygienic and Anti Epidemic Measures Inside the Faculty of Science Buildings

Article No. 1 - Introductory provisions

  1. This Dean’s Measure is issued following the current epidemic situation. The measure extends measures of the Ministry of Health and the Regional Public Health Authority of the Moravian Silesian Region.
  2. If the measures taken by the institutions mentioned above are updated towards a more restrictive character than those taken by the Faculty of Science, the Faculty measures subordinate to them.

Article No. 2 - Prohibition of the access to the Faculty buildings

  1. People with COVID-19 symptoms are forbidden from entering the Faculty buildings. The symptoms include fever, cough, breathing difficulties and sudden loss of taste and smell.
  2. People who are put into self-isolation or quarantine are forbidden from entering the Faculty buildings.

Article No. 3 - Obligations for students, employees and other people inside the Faculty buildings

  1. It is required that all people inside the Faculty buildings wear facemasks, respirators, scarfs etc. to cover their nose and mouth. This requirement does not apply to:
    1. Lectures in classrooms, laboratories, Botanical Garden greenhouses and other premises where lectures/ teaching take place.
    2. Work of employees in offices and laboratories.
    3. Work of employees from Technical and Operational Office.
    4. Meetings of employees provided that they keep the 1,5m distance.
  2. Students are required to wear facemasks during lectures if they have symptoms of any respiratory disease or any infectious disease with airborne transmission (cough, sneezing, common cold/ runny nose, sore throat etc.)
  3. Upon entering the Faculty buildings, it is required that all students, employees and other people disinfect their hands.
  4. Upon leaving the toilets, each person is required to wash their hands thoroughly using soap and warm water.

Article No. 4 - Recommendations

  1. It is recommended that students stay in the Faculty buildings only for a time necessary.
  2. It is recommended to students and employees to disinfect their hands when leaving the Faculty buildings.
  3. If there is enough space and the character of lectures allows it, it is recommended to students and teachers to avoid close contact with other participants in these lectures.
  4. It is recommended that students and employees keep social distancing.

Article No. 5 - Final provisions

  1. This measure comes into effect from 9 September 2020.
  2. This measure is effective until further notice.

doc. RNDr. Jan Hradecký, Ph.D.

Updated: 08. 09. 2020