Admission into the University of Ostrava depends if you are seeking a full degree, are an Exchange student or hope to study in a short-term course.

Degree Seeking Applicants

Degree seeking applicants are required to complete an online application. Our application period is from the 1st of November through the end of February for undergraduate and master’s degrees offered in the following academic year. PhD candidates have different application dates which depend on our fakulty departments.

You will be required to pay an application fee in order to have your application processed. Instructions on how to pay the fee are provided at the end of the application.

Your application will be processed within the Study Department of our Faculty. The Study Department will follow up with you regarding entrance exams, additional documentation and notification of acceptance.

Applicants whose previous education is outside the Czech Republic will need to have their academic qualifications evaluated for equivalency to the Czech education system. This process is known as nostrification and ought to be initiated as soon as possible. Read more about nostrification here.


Exchange Student

For Erasmus+ please contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your current university to begin the application process as an Erasmus+ student.

For Non-Erasmus+ please refer to our list of Student Exchange Agreements; if your university is present, speak with your International Department for details on attending The Faculty of Science the University of Ostrava.

If your university does not have an Exchange Agreement with the University of Ostrava, please email or the faculty at which you wish to study.

Short-Term Courses

Admission into our summer schools etc. is managed by the department responsible for the program. Please review our summer school page for offers and details.

If you wish to attend individual courses, you will be considered a “free mover”. Please email the faculty at which you wish to study to seek their approval and admission’s process.





Updated: 28. 11. 2023