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Semester: Winter  |   Summer
Level of study: Bachelor  |   Master

Course  Faculty  Semester  Credits  Level  Language 
Advanced course of molecular biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Advanced methods for the characterization of surfacesFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.English
Algebraic StructuresFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Analysis of Time SeriesFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.Czech,English
Applied and Anthropogenic HydrologyFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.Czech,English
Applied geneticsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Applied microbiologyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Artificial IntelligenceFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
Bachelor Seminar 1Faculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Basics of CAD SystemsFaculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Basics of softcomputingFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Behavioral ecologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Biochemistry - Practical SeminarFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
BioindicatorsFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
BioinformaticsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Biological seminar (summer)Faculty of ScienceSummer5English
Biological seminar (winter)Faculty of ScienceWinter5English
BiotechnologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
BryologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
Business process modelingFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.Czech,English
Category TheoryFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Cell signalling and regulationFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Chemistry CalculationsFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
ChemometryFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.Czech,English
Complex Analysis 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Computer Networks 1Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.Czech,English
Computer Networks 2 - Network administration and securityFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
Computer architecture and the basics of operating systemsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Data and Information VisualizationFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
DendrogeomorphologyFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
Design Pattern ApplicationsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.Czech,English
Development and Transition in Southeast AsiaFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Development of intelligent systemsFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Digital Terrain ModelingFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Ecotoxicological bioassaysFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
Electroanalytical Methods for Study of SolidsFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.Czech,English
Electronics and measuring instrumentsFaculty of ScienceSummer3Mgr.Czech,English
English Conversation on ICT Topics 2Faculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
English Topics from Information Systems Area 1 - Translations and ConversationFaculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
English Topics from Information Systems Area 2 - Translations and ConversationFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
English conversation on ICT 1 Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
English for Degree Specialization 1Faculty of ScienceWinter2Czech,English
English for Degree Specialization 2Faculty of ScienceSummer2Bc.Czech,English
English for Degree Specialization 3Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
English for biologistsFaculty of ScienceWinter3English
Environmental modelling 1Faculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.Czech,English
Environmental modelling 2Faculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.Czech,English
Ethnic problems of the Czech RepublicFaculty of ScienceWinter6English
Evolution of the cellFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.English
Evolutionary and population ecologyFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Excursion - Landscape Protection and FormationFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Excursion for Physical GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Extreme geobiotopesFaculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Field excursion 1Faculty of ScienceWinter / Summer4English
Field excursion 2Faculty of ScienceWinter / Summer4English
Field excursion 3Faculty of ScienceWinter / Summer4English
Field excursion 4Faculty of ScienceWinter / Summer4English
Final Dissertation Seminar 1Faculty of ScienceWinter10Mgr.English
Fluvial geomorphology and river restorationFaculty of ScienceWinter5Czech,English
Functional Analysis 1Faculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Functional Analysis 2Faculty of ScienceWinter8Mgr.English
Fundamentals of entomologyFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
Fundamentals of molecular systematicsFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
GIS in Human GeographyFaculty of ScienceWinter3English
GIS projectFaculty of ScienceSummer3English
Genome analysisFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.English
Geometric modelling in computer graphicsFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.Czech,English
Human biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer6Bc.English
Humanitarian Aid and Development CooperationFaculty of ScienceWinter6English
Informatics of SmarthousesFaculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Information systems 1Faculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.Czech,English
Information systems 2Faculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.Czech,English
Inorganic Chemistry 1Faculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Introduction into DatabasesFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Introduction to Geology - Field WorkFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Introduction to Solid State Physics Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.English
Japan in the Political Geography of East AsiaFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Japan in the Political Geography of East AsiaFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Laboratory TechniquesFaculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Laboratory methods in geomorphology and quaternary geologyFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.Czech,English
Limits of Development in China and IndiaFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 3Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Linear Algebra 4Faculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Logic for informaticsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Mathematical Analysis 1Faculty of ScienceWinter8Bc.English
Mathematical Analysis 3Faculty of ScienceWinter8Bc.English
Meteorology and hydrology - terrain seminarFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Methods of Physical Chemistry Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Methods of study of plant photosynthetic apparatusFaculty of ScienceSummer6English
Modelling and SimulationFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.Czech,English
Modern biostatistics in RFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
Modern methods in molecular biology and genomicsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Molecular cell biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Multithread and parallel programmingFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.English
Natural hazards and riskFaculty of ScienceSummer5Mgr.Czech,English
Neural NetworksFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
New Approaches in Cultural GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer8English
New Approaches in Cultural GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer8Mgr.English
New Approaches in Cultural GeographyFaculty of ScienceSummer8Mgr.English
Non-democratic regimesFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Object-Oriented Programming 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
Object-Oriented Programming 2Faculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Operating SystemsFaculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Operating Systems 2Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
OracleFaculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Ordered Algebraic StructuresFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Parallel programming and calculationsFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.Czech,English
Physical Chemistry 1Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Physical Chemistry 2Faculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Physical geography 1 (geomorphology and pedogeography)Faculty of ScienceWinter5English
Physical geography 2 (meteorology, climatology and hydrology)Faculty of ScienceSummer5English
Phytogeography and plant ecologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Political Geography of the Middle EastFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Political Geography of the Post-Soviet AreaFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.English
Political and Cultural Geography in Popular CultureFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
Politics of Ethnicity and NationalismFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Politics of Ethnicity and NationalismFaculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.English
Practical Laboratory Work - Texture of Solid SubstancesFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.Czech,English
Practical Optical Spectroscopy IFaculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.English
Practical Physics 1Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.English
Practical Physics 2Faculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.English
Practical Physics 3Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.English
Practical and Specialist English 3Faculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Practical and Specialist English 4Faculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.English
Practical and Specialist English 5Faculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.English
Practical and Specialist English 6Faculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.English
Practical course of arthropods identificationFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
Preparative Inorganic ChemistryFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Preparative Organic ChemistryFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Presentation of projects in English 1Faculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
Principles and Algorithms in Computer GraphicsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
Probability and Statistics 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.English
Programming server applicationsFaculty of ScienceWinter6Bc.Czech,English
Publication of scientific resultsFaculty of ScienceSummer2Mgr.Czech,English
Relational DatabasesFaculty of ScienceSummer6Bc.Czech,English
Research Seminar 1Faculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.English
Scientific communication in EnglishFaculty of ScienceSummer4Mgr.English
Secure NetworkingFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5Mgr.English
Selected methods of molecular biologyFaculty of ScienceWinter6English
Seminar - Inorganic Chemistry 1Faculty of ScienceSummer2Bc.Czech,English
Seminar - Inorganic Chemistry 2Faculty of ScienceWinter1Bc.English
Seminar - Inorganic Chemistry 2Faculty of ScienceWinter1Bc.Czech,English
Seminar - Physical Chemistry 1Faculty of ScienceWinter2Bc.Czech,English
Seminar - Physical Chemistry 2Faculty of ScienceSummer1Bc.Czech,English
Seminar 1Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.English
Software EngineeringFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Special microbiologyFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
Speleology and karstologyFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.English
Statistical data processingFaculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Structure of Solid SubstancesFaculty of ScienceWinter5Bc.Czech,English
Teaching students gifted in science and mathematicsFaculty of ScienceWinter5English
Techniques for testing and debugging of applicationsFaculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Texture of Solid SubstancesFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer6Mgr.Czech,English
Theory and Practice of Local and Regional Development in the Czech RepublicFaculty of ScienceWinter6English
Theory of Codes and CiphersFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.Czech,English
Thermal analysis of solidsFaculty of ScienceWinter5Mgr.Czech,English
Toxicology and genotoxicologyFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.English
Using fuzzy modelling methods in biological practiceFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer5English
Water Management and ProtectionFaculty of ScienceWinter4Mgr.Czech,English
Web and database applications in PHP Faculty of ScienceWinter4Bc.Czech,English
Websites and redaction systemsFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English