Short term courses

University of Ostrava offers various exchange opportunities both for domestic and international students as well as for academic and non-academic staff from all around the world.

Students can choose from a wide range of study mobility programmes. Academic or non-academic staff may accentuate teaching, research, or training.

If you are thinking about a mobility programme and would like to spend one or two semesters abroad try one of the two main study exchange options.

Our list of available courses for academic year 2018/2019:

Department of Biology and Ecology
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
BioindicatorsKBE/WBIND4Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
Molecular and cell biologyKBE/WMOBU5Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
Human biologyKBE/WHUBI6Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Selected methods of molecular biologyKBE/WVMMB6Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
Fundamentals of entomologyKBE/WZAEN4Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
Modern biostatistics in RKBE/WABDR5Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
English for biologistsKBE/WENBI3Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
Advanced course of molecular biologyKBE/WPMMB6Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
BiotechnologyKBE/WBITE5Winter semester, Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Ecotoxicological bioassaysKBE/WEKTO5Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Special microbiologyKBE/WSPMI5Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
BryologyKBE/WBRYO5Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Practical course of arthropods identificationKBE/WDEPB5Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Fundamental of human osteologyKBE/WHUOS5Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Field excursion 1KBE/WFEX14Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Field excursion 2KBE/WFEX24Winter semesterBachlelor/Master level
Field excursion 3KBE/WFEX34Winter semester, Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Field excursion 4KBE/WFEX44Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Using fuzzy modelling matods in biological practiceKBE/WFUMO5Summer semesterBachlelor/Master level
Scientific communication in EnglishKBE/WKOAN4Summer semesterMaster level
Cell signaling and regulationKBE/WBURS5Winter semesterMaster level
Applied geneticsKBE/WAPGE6Winter semesterMaster level
Applied microbiologyKBE/WAPMI6Summer semesterMaster level
Toxicology and genotoxicologyKBE/WTOGE6Summer semesterMaster level
Evolutionary and population ecologyKBE/WEPEK6Winter semesterMaster level
Genome analysisKBE/WGEAN5Summer semesterMaster level
Modern methods in molecular biology and genomicsKBE/WMMMG5Winter semesterMaster level
Fundamentals of molecular systematicsKBE/WMOSY6Summer semesterMaster level
Evolution of the cellKBE/WEVBU5Winter semesterMaster level
Practical course of bioinformaticsKBE/WBINF6Winter semesterMaster level
Phytogeography and plant ecologyKBE/WEEFG5Winter semesterMaster level
Behavioral ecologyKBE/WBEEK5Summer semesterMaster level
Biological seminar (winter)KBE/WBISW5Winter semesterMaster level
Biological seminar (summer)KBE/WBISS5Summer semesterMaster level
Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
Anthropogenic GeomorphologyANGEO3Winter semesterMaster level
Basics of CAD SystemsCADZK5Summer semesterBachelor level
DendrogeomorphologyDENGE3Summer semesterBachelor level
Digital Terrain ModelingDIGMT4Winter semesterBachelor level
Dynamic geomorphologyDYGEM5Summer semesterMaster level
ExtremegeobiotopesEGETO3Winter semesterBachelor level
Environmental modelling 1ENMO14Winter semesterMaster level
Environmental modelling 2ENMO25Summer semesterMaster level
Environmental modelling 3ENMO35Winter semesterMaster level
Excursion for Physical GeographyEXFGE4Summer semesterBachelor level
Geomorphological excursion of the Northern Morava and SilesiaEXGEM2Winter semesterBachelor level
Excursion - Landscape Protection and FormationEXOTK4Winter semesterBachelor level
Fluvial geomorphology and river restorationFLRES5Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Fluvial sediment transport and its modellingFSEDT5Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Geomorphology and Geology of the QuaternaryGEMKV4Summer semesterMaster level
Methods in GeomorphologyGEOME3Winter semesterBachelor level
Geomorphological researchGEVYZ5Summer semesterMaster level
Geographic information systems 2 - exercisesGIS2C4Summer semesterBachelor level
Geographic information systems 2GIS2P3Summer semesterBachelor level
HydrometryHYDME4Winter semesterMaster level
Laboratory methods in geomorphology and quaternary geologyLABGE4Summer semesterMaster level
Physical geography 1 (geomorphology and pedogeography)PHGE15Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Physical geography 2 (meteorology, climatology and hydrology)PHGE25Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Natural hazards and riskPRHAZ5Summer semesterMaster level
Speleology and karstologySPELE3Summer semesterBachelor level
Statistical methods for physical geography in RSTMGR5Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Mass movementsSVADE5Summer semesterBachelor level
Introduction to Geology - Field WorkTCGEO4Summer semesterBachelor level
Meteorology and hydrology - terrain seminarTCMKH4Winter semesterBachelor level
Introduction to Geology AUVGEX4Summer semesterBachelor level
Applied and Anthropogenic HydrologyUZHYD5Summer semesterMaster level
Water Management and ProtectionVHOOV4Winter semesterMaster level
Department of Physics
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
Teaching students gifted in science and mathematicsTSGSM5Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Computer-Supported ExperimentsWCSEX2Summer semesterMaster level
Methods of study of plant photosynthetic apparatusWMSPA6Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Practical Optical Spectroscopy IWPOS15Summer semesterBachelor level
Practical Physics 1WPPH13Winter semesterBachelor level
Practical Physics 2WPPH23Summer semesterBachelor level
Practical Physics 3WPPH33Winter semesterBachelor level
Introduction to Solid State PhysicsWSSPH3Winter semesterBachelor level
Practical Physics 37FYP33Winter semesterBachelor level
Practical Physics 47FYP42Summer semesterBachelor level
Department of Chemistry
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
Advanced methods for the characterization of surfacesAMCHS5Summer semesterMaster level
Inorganic Chemistry 1ANOC14Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
BiochemistryBOCHE4Winter semesterBachelor level
Electroanalytical Methods for Study of SolidsEMSPF4Winter semesterMaster level
Physical Chemistry 1FCHE14Winter semesterBachelor level
Physical Chemistry 2FYCH24Summer semesterBachelor level
ChemometryCHEMO4Summer semesterMaster level
Chemistry CalculationsCHVYP4Winter semesterBachelor level
Laboratory TechniquesLBTE43Winter semesterBachelor level
Practical Laboratory Work - Texture of Solid SubstancesLCTEX5Winter semesterMaster level
Methods of Physical ChemistryMFYC64Winter semesterBachelor level
Preparative Inorganic ChemistryPANC64Summer semesterBachelor level
Preparative Organic ChemistryPOCH64Summer semesterBachelor level
Publication of scientific resultsPUBVV2Summer semesterMaster level
Seminar - Inorganic Chemistry 1SANC12Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Seminar - Physical Chemistry 1SFYC12Winter semesterBachelor level
Seminar - Physical Chemistry 2SFYC21Summer semesterBachelor level
Thermal analysis of solidsTAPLA5Winter semesterMaster level
Texture of Solid SubstancesTEXPL6Summer semesterMaster level
Department of Informatics and Computers
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
Secure NetworkingEBESI5Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Data and Information VisualizationEGVID6Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Multithread and parallel programmingEPARP4Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
English conversation on ICT 1XAKI13Winter semesterBachelor level
English Conversation on ICT Topics 2XAKI23Summer semesterBachelor level
Analysis of Time SeriesXANCS6Summer semesterBachelor level
English for Degree Specialization 1XANG12Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
English for Degree Specialization 2XANG22Summer semesterBachelor level
English for Degree Specialization 3XANG33Winter semesterBachelor level
Presentation of projects in English 1XAPP13Summer semesterBachelor level
Computer Architecture and Fundamentals of Operating SystemsXAPZO6Winter semesterBachelor level
English Topics from Information Systems Area 1 - Translations and ConversationXATI13Winter semesterBachelor level
English Topics from Information Systems Area 2 - Translations and ConversationXATI23Summer semesterBachelor level
Analysis of Multidimensional DataXAVDT6Winter semesterMaster level
The Principles and the Algorithms in the Computer GraphicsXGALP6Winter semesterBachelor level
Grammars and languagesXGRJA6Summer semesterBachelor level
Geometric modelling in computer graphicsXGVEM6Summer semesterMaster level
Information systems 1XINF14Winter semesterMaster level
Information systems 2XINF24Summer semesterMaster level
Information technologies in intelligent housesXINID3Winter semesterBachelor level
Theory of Codes and CiphersXKOSB5Winter semesterMaster level
Logic for informaticsXLZU16Winter semesterBachelor level
Business Process ModellingXMODP6Summer semesterMaster level
Modelling and SimulationXMOSM6Winter semesterMaster level
Design Pattern ApplicationsXNAVZ6Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Neural NetworksXNES16Winter semesterBachelor level
Object-Oriented Programming 2XOBO26Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Object-Oriented ProgrammingXOOP16Winter semesterBachelor level
Object programming in JavaXOOP25Summer semesterBachelor level
Programming server applicationsXOOP36Winter semesterBachelor level
Operating Systems 1XOPS16Summer semesterBachelor level
Operating Systems 2XOPS24Winter semesterBachelor level
OracleXORAC5Summer semesterBachelor level
Parallel programming and calculationsXPAPV4Winter semesterMaster level
Business ontologiesXPONT6Winter semesterMaster level
Computer Networks 1XPOS16Summer semesterBachelor level
Computer Networks 2 - Network administration and securityXPOS26Winter semesterBachelor level
Relational DatabasesXRELA6Summer semesterBachelor level
Basics of softcomputingXSOFC4Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Software engineeringXSWEN3Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Artificial IntelligenceXUMIN6Winter semesterBachelor level
Introduction to DatabasesXUVDT5Winter semesterBachelor level
Department of Mathematics
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
Geometry 1WENE16Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Geometry 2WENE26Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Functional Analysis 1WFUA16Summer semesterMaster level
Global Aanalysis 1WGLO18Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Graph algorithmsWGRAA6Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Introduction to Representation TheoryWINRT3Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Complex analysis 1WKOA16Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Complex analysis 2WKOA26Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Introduction to Linear Algebra and Analytic GeometryWLIAL4Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Mathematical SoftwareWMASF3Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Mathematics 1WMAT16Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Mathematics 2WMAT26Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Mathematics 3WMAT36Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Mathematics 4WMAT45Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Introduction to Numerical MathematicsWNUM16Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Numerical MathematicsWNUM26Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Ordinary differential equationsWOBDR6Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Introduction to Probability and StatisticsWPAS16Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Algebra 2- Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 1WSLA15Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Algebra 3 - Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 2WSLA26Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Elementary MathematicsWSSMT3Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Basics of Computer typesetting by TeX for bachelor levelWTEXR3Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Computer typesetting by TeX for master levelWTEX23Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Measure Theory and IntegrationWTMAN8Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Topology 1WTOP16Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Introduction to Number TheoryWUTEI6Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor level
Research Seminar 1WVES14Winter semesterMaster level
Research Seminar 2WVES24Summer semesterMaster level
Variational Calculus 1WVPO16Winter semester, Summer semesterMaster level
Department of Human Geography and Regional Development
NameCourse CodeCredits (ECTS)SemesterLevel of Study
Practical and Specialist English 5ANGL55Winter semesterBachelor level
Practical and Specialist English 6ANGL65Summer semesterBachelor level
Limits of Development in China and IndiaDECHI6Summer semesterBachelor level
Ethnic problems of the Czech RepublicEEPCR6Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Geographic Bachelor Project A for Erasmus StudentEGBPA5Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Geographic Bachelor Project B for Erasmus StudentEGBPB5Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
GIS in Human GeographyEGISG3Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
GIS projectEGISP3Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Geographic Master Project A EGMPA5Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Geographic Master Project BEGMPB5Winter semester, Summer semesterBachelor/Master level
Humanitarian Aid and Development CooperationEHUPR6Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Theory and Practice of Local and Regional Development in the Czech RepublicELORR6Winter semesterBachelor/Master level
Political and Cultural Geography in Popular CultureFKPKG4Winter semesterBachelor level
Political Geography of Japan in East AsiaJPGEA6Winter semesterMaster level
Non-democratic regimesNODEM6Winter semesterBachelor level
New Approaches in Cultural GeographyNPKUG8Summer semesterMaster level
Political Geography of the Middle EastPGMEA6Summer semesterBachelor level
Political Geography of the Post-Soviet AreaPGSOV6Summer semesterBachelor level
Politics of Ethnicity and NationalismPOETN6Winter semesterMaster level

Updated: 30. 10. 2018