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The Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava is a young and dynamically developing institution that offers students an individual professional approach, a modern environment and the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. Learning about nature and society is an amazing journey of adventure – so join us on this journey and let’s discover the world together. At the Faculty of Science we strive to find answers to some of the most fascinating and complex questions connected with science and the world around us – and we’ve achieved some remarkable successes as part of this never-ending quest.

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We have inspirational teachers who create a friendly, supportive environment for our students to ask questions, seek answers, discover new knowledge, and learn more about the world in which we live. We offer outstanding facilities for learning and research, and we always seek to guide our students’ professional growth in a broad range of fields related to biology, physics, geography, chemistry, informatics and mathematics. We cultivate close links with prestigious partner universities, top scientists and academics – and of course with the many international students who visit us and help to make us such an open, inclusive learning environment. It is our mission to support cooperation which transcends all geographical and disciplinary boundaries, working together to develop our knowledge and skills and nurturing a future generation of experts across a range of fields.


About Ostrava

Ostrava used to be a city of miners and heavy industry – as evidenced by the monuments of industrial heritage at every turn. In the last 10 years, however, Ostrava has experienced a boom and is becoming a cultural center. Evidence of this can be found in the many restaurants with international cuisine and cultural events, which are also known internationally.

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Ostrava has an advantageous location for traveling. Several European cities, such as Berlin, Vienna, Krakow or Budapest, are within easy reach. These cities are international transport hubs, so you have the opportunity to get to the whole of Europe.

Contemporary Ostrava

Despite its rich industrial history, Ostrava is a young and still developing city. Construction of many new buildings of modern architecture are planned on the territory of our city – the city will acquire a unique appearance, where buildings of world architects will complement industrial heritage sites. Despite some ailments, the heart of Ostrava has been changing before our very eyes over the last years. There is a variety of projects at play the purpose of which is to advance the city centre transformation even further. At present, for instance, the city's slaughterhouse complex in the vicinity of Stodolni street is being transformed into a new and modern exhibition hall, and a New Archway (Nové Lauby) is being constructed near the Masaryk square. For its original architectural solution, a new under preparation concert hall is currently one of the most anticipated buildings in the world. The construction of a regional scientific library called the Black Cube (Černá kostka) is also worth mentioning. Distinctive buildings on the premises of Černá louka Exhibition Centre that also contribute to the development of Ostrava even pertain to the University of Ostrava. And there is much more space for prospective transformation in the administrative district of Moravská Ostrava and Přřvoz.

Updated: 13. 07. 2023