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Doctoral study is the highest type of study at the university. It is focused on independent scientific and research activities as well as creative work in research and development. The primary condition for the admission to the doctoral study is Master´s Degree in the same of similar discipline. Apart from their own graduates, the Faculty of Science also welcomes applicants who have achieved their Master´s Degree at other (including foreign) universities.

The students can choose from 6 disciplines (Applied Informatics, Biology, Biophysics and Physics of Nanostructures, Environmental Geography, Mathematics, Political and Economic Geography).

In advance, the students consult individual plan of their study and choose the topic of the Ph.D. Thesis out of the topics of individual departments or, having discussed the matter with an anticipated supervisor and the President of the Subject Area Board, they come up with their own topic.

The doctoral study can either be full-time or combined. A standard study period is 4 years, while the maximum study period is 6 years. Full-time doctoral students are provided with a monthly scholarship of 11.250 CZK with a possibility of significant scholarship increase depending on the study and scientific outcomes.

If complying with given criteria, the doctoral students are offered a possibility of accommodation at the Halls of Residence. The doctoral study application form should be submitted until the end of May. Yet, the exact date, further information, terms and conditions for accepting are always specified in the general information on the Doctoral Admission Procedures. The doctoral studies are terminated by the state doctoral exam and the defence of the dissertation thesis. The Ph.D. degree (placed after the name) is given to successful students.

Ing. Monika Kočvarová
Ing. Monika Kočvarová
Faculty of Science – Department of the Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Study
Research and Doctoral Studies Officer
Phone: +420 553 46 2114

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Updated: 31. 01. 2023