Our story

Learning about nature and society is an amazing journey of adventure – so join us on this journey and let's discover the world together. At the Faculty of Science, we strive to find answers to some of the most fascinating and complex questions connected with science and the world around us – and we've achieved some remarkable successes as part of this never-ending quest. We have inspirational teachers who create a friendly, supportive environment for our students to ask questions, seek answers, discover new knowledge, and learn more about the world in which we live. We offer outstanding facilities for learning and research, and we always seek to guide our students' professional growth in a broad range of fields related to biology, physics, geography, chemistry, informatics, and mathematics. We cultivate close links with prestigious partner universities, top scientists and academics – and, of course, with the many international students who visit us and help to make us such an open, inclusive learning environment. It is our mission to support cooperation which transcends all geographical and disciplinary boundaries, working together to develop our knowledge and skills and nurturing a future generation of experts across a range of fields.

Updated: 07. 08. 2023