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News Archive

PF 2024

A Year of Magical Transformations

From the University of Ostrava to second place in the Czech Brain competition!

Talented graduate of Ostrava's Wichterlov Gymnasium, Šimon Černý, achieved another success under the banner of the Faculty of Science at Ostrava University. The protégé of Dr. František Karlický earned second place in the Czech Brain competition for his work in the field of nanostructure physics.

Project LERCO worth 1,8 billion CZK is getting wrapped up. Construction of the research hub starts this autumn

The University of Ostrava has announced a public procurement for the general contractor for the construction of a new science research centre LERCO worth nearly 700 million CZK. The total budget of the strategic project amounts to 1,874 billion CZK.

International Cooperation in the Shadow of Pandemic and War

Four years ago, the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava (UO) joined forces with partners from different continents. Although the extensive student and staff exchanges between Czechia, Canada, Vietnam and Ukraine were significantly disrupted by the pandemic and the war, the future is promising.

Our University takes you to the world of high diplomacy

Study at the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development includes diverse excursions. For example, the Erasmus students have now swapped their class in Ostrava for Prague and headed straight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Czernin Palace.

Sandra Charvátová, a Researcher of Cancer-Treating Cells

Since 2016, the 11th of February has been celebrated as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and its goal is to highlight the importance of women throughout the scientific world. At the same time, our university is celebrating its 30th birthday and on the occasion of both of these events we offer you an interview with one of its interesting members. Meet Sandra Charvátová, who connected her name with the University of Ostrava through science and research.

Faculty of Science proves successful with the Czech Grant Agency

The Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava (FS UO) has scored another significant success with the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GACR). After a year, its scientists gained support for 5 of their scientific researches while becoming co-investigators of 3 projects of other institutions. In the following three years, thanks to the support of roughly 60 million CZK granted by GACR, the scientists may greatly intensity their research.

Associate Professor Pavel Hulva in the Nature Journal

The discovery of penicillin started a new era in the treatment of bacterial diseases. Yet, since that time, doctors have come across bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

The Prestigious Prize for the Best Basic Research Was Awarded to Professor Marek Eliáš from the Faculty of Science

Professor Eliáš succeeded in the area of biological-environmental sciences.

New design of the building A

The 2021 will be a historic year of the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava. After months of preparations, the building A on the 30. dubna street will be largely modernised.

#kultura2030: Participation and vision of the young generation in Ostrava

Geographers from the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava, are finalizing the preparations of a new cultural concept of the city of Ostrava. The strategic document is supposed to reflect the next generation ideas and work better with the potential of the city.

A young scientist discovered new algae and named it after Ostrava

Ever since Dovilė Barcytė spotted algae under the microscope, she has been fascinated by the species. Moving from Lithuania to study at Charles University, she is now a postdoc in Marek Eliáš's team at the Faculty of Science. Soon after she got her feet under the lab's table, Dovilé managed to discover new algae species in Ostrava.

Dean’s Measure – The Provision of the Acces of the Students

The provision of the acces of the students in their final year of study to the Faculty of Science buildings in connection to the state of emergency measures announced by the Czech government.

Important information about university measures to avoid spread of coronavirus COVID-19

Emergency telephone line for international students +420 739 594 408 is available from 8:00 to 18:00.

Historical building of the Faculty will be considerably modernised

The Faculty of Science is preparing an extensive reconstruction of its historical building in the city centre. The building, which is home to several departments and the deans’ office, will undertake a considerable modernisation.

International Mathematical competition won by young talents from St. Petersburg

The Faculty of Science hosted Vojtěch Jarník International Mathematical Competition. Both categories were dominated by students from St. Petersburg, Russia.

The University of Ostrava Will Open a New Research Centre for SMART Technologies

The University of Ostrava wants to focus more on the future of SMART technologies. In cooperation with research and non-profit organizations, businesses and public administrations, the University will explore their use in cities and municipalities on a more massive scale.

100 Million Year Old Amber Tells the Story of a Unique Hunting Method

During evolution, predatory animal species developed various mechanisms used for hunting and processing the prey. Our biologist Petr Kočárek from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Ostrava discovered and described a unique method of hunting for prey developed in an extinct insect species that lived a hundred million years ago.

University of Ostrava ranks top 30th within the new EU countries

The University of Ostrava succeeds in the Times Higher Education New Europe 2018 ranking.

New virus discovered: Biologists from Ostrava have scored!

Scientists from the University of Ostrava discovered a new virus that nobody had ever seen before. They gave the surprising discovery a symbolic name: OstraVirus.

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