Historical building of the Faculty will be considerably modernised

A significant modernisation of the building, which is part of the city conservation area, will involve mainly the outdated interior. Following the reconstruction, the building will provide a more hospitable and fresh environment for students and staff. Additionally, the renovation will include the façade, roof, and some other parts of the exterior. The modernisation will bring multiple savings too, for instance, heating energy reduction.

"There will be improvements of individual floors, a major rebuilding of the study room, and, a lift will be built making it more accessible for the disadvantaged people. At the same time, an underused attic will be turned into a living space with modernised offices or a lecture hall for lectures and the Scientific Board gatherings. The building will be dominated by a unique glass tunnel, connecting both wings a la the Munich Olympic Stadium,” says Vítězslav Bican, the Faculty Secretary.

Apart from the layout modifications, there will be a complete replacement of the electrics, sewer system, water piping, ventilation, and computer networks. There will be special rooms for students to prepare projects or just self-study. The renewed building will offer new classrooms including an unusual IT lab for a smart house control or a panel-hall for the mathematicians. Together with Architecture Studio Velehradský, the Faculty management is now finishing details of the whole project and the costs of the reconstruction.

“The renovation will be extensive, but the architectural character of the building will be respected. It’s a big challenge for us to design everything in a way that the building serves the requirements of the future students and employees, and, at the same time, to make a project that won't need larger construction works years from now,” says Jan Hradecký, the Dean of the Faculty.

The reconstruction should begin in the upcoming summer and finish in 2021.

Updated: 06. 02. 2020