#kultura2030: Participation and vision of the young generation in Ostrava

Geographers from the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava, are finalizing the preparations of a new cultural concept of the city of Ostrava. The strategic document is supposed to reflect the next generation ideas and work better with the potential of the city.

Scientists from the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development have significant experience with preparation of such strategic documents and they are often part of expert groups of the Statutory City of Ostrava and Moravian-Silesian Region. During the preparation of the new concept of the Ostrava's culture, the team around Mgr. Ondřej Slach, Ph.D. relies on the actual ideas and needs of the young people and the representatives of the Ostrava's cultural scene. The Ostrava's culture should go hand in hand with the development of the city.

The team of the Faculty of Science has already made an analysis of the cultural supply and demand, the external environment as well as the local cultural and creative sphere. Furthermore, they initiated also the creation of a strategic team of representatives of Ostrava's cultural scene.

“To make the conception functional, we need to think it through from various points of view. Within our working groups we meet not only politicians but also cultural facilities operators. The discussions are very intense and open and I believe that they will help us to define the actual needs which we mostly agree on. There is, for example, need for a better coordination of communication throughout the cultural scene, for simplification and digitalization of grant schemes or bigger support of young artists,” said the guarantor of the forthcoming conception Ondřej Slach.

Updated: 24. 07. 2020