Detailed curriculum of Mathematics

Recommended year/semesterCodeName of the courseCreditshours per week
(lecture + seminar)
Compulsory courses
1st year, Autumn6AIN1Applied Informatics 142+2
1st year, Autumn6LAG1Linear Algebra 162+2
1st year, Autumn6MAN1Mathematical Analysis 182+4
1st year, Autumn6USMAIntroduction to Mathematics42+4
1st year, Spring6AIN2Applied Informatics 242+2
1st year, Spring6ALGSAlgebraic Structures62+2
1st year, Spring6LAG2Linear Algebra 262+2
1st year, Spring6MAN2Mathematical Analysis 282+4
2nd year, Autumn6AIN3Applied Informatics 340+4
2nd year, Autumn6DIMADiscrete Mathematics62+2
2nd year, Autumn6LAG3Linear Algebra 362+2
2nd year, Autumn6MAN3Mathematical Analysis 382+2
2nd year, Autumn6PAS1Probability and Statistics 162+2
2nd year, Spring6AIN4Applied Informatics 441+1
2nd year, Spring6DIR1Differential Equations 162+2
2nd year, Spring6LAG4Linear Algebra 462+2
2nd year, Spring6MAN4Mathematical Analysis 482+2
2nd year, Spring6NUM1Numerical Mathematics 162+2
3rd year, Autumn6BAS1Bachelor Seminar 150+2
3rd year, Autumn6DIR2Differential Equations 262+2
3rd year, Autumn6MAN5Mathematical Analysis 583+2
3rd year, Autumn6ODS1Seminar 140+2
3rd year, Spring6BAS2Bachelor Seminar 250+2
3rd year, Spring6ODS2Seminar 240+2
Optional mathematical courses (minimum number of credits 24)
2nd or 3rd year, Autumn6LOTMMathematical Logic and Set Theory63+1
2nd or 3rd year, Autumn6NUM2Numerical Mathematics 262+2
2nd or 3rd year, Autumn6UTECIntroduction to Number Theory62+2
2nd or 3rd year, Spring6GALPPrinc. and Alg. in Graphics62+2
2nd or 3rd year, Spring6PAS2Probability and Statistics 260+4
2nd or 3rd year, Spring6TEFMMath.Methods for Artificial Intelligence62+2
2nd or 3rd year, Spring6TEMAMatrix Theory62+2
Optional courses focused on internationalization (min, 10 credits)
1st year, Autumn6OBANEnglish40+2
2nd or 3rd year6PRASWork Placement4not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6STUMStudy Mobility4not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6ZPSSSemestral Foreign Work Placement20not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6ZPS1Foreign Work Placement - 1 Month Duration5not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6ZPS2Foreign Work Placement - 2 Months Duration10not scheduled
1st year, Autumn7CEC1Czech for Foreigners 140+3
1st year, Spring7CEC2Czech for Foreigners 240+3

Updated: 10. 12. 2019