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Admission procedure step by step

  1. Please check our web sites, the description of the program of Mathematics and the conditions for admission deadlines and contact us with your queries. The deadline for accepting your application is April 30, 2020! Decision made? Please open an account.
    Apply here Apply here

  2. Fill out your personal data, enclose all necessary documents, choose programs to apply and apply!
    1. Documents you need to submit through the e-application
      Scanned official documents indicating studied subjects and obtained grades during the Bachelor ́s Degree studies from the first to at least the penultimate term of the studies or Diploma supplement. During your application process you will also be asked to forward us certified copies of the diploma – so please, consider sending us certified copies at this step.
    2. Payment – you need to pay an application fee – 560 CZK (by a credit card) otherwise your application will be cancelled

  3. Apply for the recognition of your previous study (secondary education, tertiary education)  – it is necessary to decide on the recognition of your previous study to issue a final acceptance certificate. You need to decide no later than April 30, 2020, and pay. You have three options – nostrification  (general recognition of your education by the Czech Republic – relatively long procedure organised either by a regional authority or authorised university, costly (3000 CZK, 120 EURO); “simple recognition” for application procedure, which is relatively simple, cheaper (up to 1000 CZK/40 EURO), but it is applicable only for the University of Ostrava since we organise it.
  4. If you do not have any of the recognitions issued, you need to apply for one of them – if you are not applying for other universities in the Czech Republic, consider the „simple recognition“. For more information, follow the link. We strongly recommend applying for your previous study immediately after receiving your school-leaving certificate/diploma. If you already have your certificate/diploma issued, start the process immediately.

  5. Wait for the assessment - it usually takes several weeks after the final date for receiving applications (April 30) provided you have submitted a completed application and paid registration fee. After that, we will issue a Letter of offer for studies. “Letter of offer” received? Please follow the instruction provided in the cover letter. We will need the original or officially recognised documents certifying completion of your secondary or tertiary education. In the next step, we will also need you to pay for the deposit (1000 EURO) within 4 weeks from receiving the Letter of offer.

    Faculty of Science deposit refunding policy:

    If you change your mind and opt for a different university, or if you decide not to start your studies at our university, we will not refund the deposit. On the other hand, we are aware of the many serious and unexpected situations life may bring during the admission procedure. Should any of them occur, we can assure you that you can officially ask for a money refund. The reasons may include long-term illness, serious injury or natural disaster. We will evaluate each enquiry individually, based on the documents provided. There is another reason for the money refund, and that is a study visa for the Czech Republic refusal. If you are repeatedly refused your visa despite submitting all the required documents in due time to the authorities, and despite attending the visa interview, we will refund your money. Such an eventuality will be considered as force majeure.

  6. If your payment for the deposit is recorded on our account and all necessary documents were completed at our university - we issue two documents for you: „Decision on the admission procedure“ (Rozhodnutí ve věci přijímacího řízení) and „Unified acknowledgement of admission to study“ (Jednotné potvrzení opřijetí ke studiu) – both are necessary for a visa procedure. We strongly advise the applicant to apply for accommodation granted by our university, since „The confirmation of accommodation“ and „Preliminary contract of accommodation“ are

  7. Visa procedure for non-EU citizens should take 2 months. Immediately after receiving the study visa for the Czech Republic, you may schedule your trip.

  8. Check what to do before the arrival and right after. Please complete a set of documents (and make a certified copy of each one) that you need to register at our University to start your studies and receive a student ID.

  9. Registration at the university will take place in September in the period between 19 August and 18 September 2020 or at any alternative date in September 2020. Specific dates for individual study programmes shall be notified to the applicants proposed for admission by post after the date of termination of entrance examinations.

  10. Check our before and after arrival handbooks. Plan your trip and stay safe!

Updated: 04. 03. 2020

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