Courses in Mathematics

Recommended year/semesterCodeName of the courseCreditshours per week
(lecture + seminar)
Compulsory courses
1st year, Autumn6KOA1Complex Analysis 162+2
1st year, Autumn6TEKACategory Theory62+2
1st year, Autumn6TOGETopology and Geometry62+2
1st year, Autumn6VES1Research Seminar 140+2
1st year, Spring6DIR3Differential Equations 362+2
1st year, Spring6FUA1Functional Analysis 162+2
1st year, Spring6KOA2Complex Analysis 262+2
1st year, Spring6VES2Research Seminar 240+2
2nd year, Autumn6DIS1Final Dissertation Seminar 1100+2
2nd year, Autumn6FUA2Functional Analysis 282+4
2nd year, Autumn6TMINMeasure Theory and Integration62+2
2nd year, Autumn6VES3Research Seminar 340+2
2nd year, Spring 6DIS2Final Dissertation Seminar 2100+2
2nd year, Spring6VES4Research Seminar 440+2
Optional mathematical courses (minimum number of credits 24)
Not scheduled6MOB1Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,1 
Not scheduled6MOB2Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,2 
Not scheduled6MOB3Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,3 
Not scheduled6MOB4Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,4 
Not scheduled6MOB5Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,5 
Not scheduled6MOB6Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,6 
Not scheduled6MO10Substituted Subject for Study Mobility,10
Autumn6AMF1Algebraic and Geom. Methods in Physics 162+2
Autumn6GLAGGlobal Analysis and Geometry62+2
Autumn6TEC1Number Theory 162+2
Spring6AMF2Algebraic and Geom. Methods in Physics 262+2
Spring6ATEAAlgebra and Theoretical Arithmetic62+4
Spring6TEC2Number Theory 262+2
Optional courses focused on internationalization (min, 5 credits)
1st year, Autumn6OBANEnglish40+2
2nd or 3rd year6PRASWork Placement4not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6STUMStudy Mobility4not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6ZPSSSemestral Foreign Work Placement20not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6ZPS1Foreign Work Placement - 1 Month Duration5not scheduled
2nd or 3rd year6ZPS2Foreign Work Placement - 2 Months Duration10not scheduled
1st year, Autumn7CEC1Czech for Foreigners 140+3
1st year, Spring7CEC2Czech for Foreigners 240+3

Updated: 07. 02. 2020