Admission process

  • Check the description of the Mathematics Study Programme and the Admission Requirements. Decision made? Great! Fill out your personal data, enclose all necessary documents, choose your Study Programme and apply!

  • Pay the application fee 2,800 CZK (approx. 115 EUR, by a debit card or an online transaction via Flywire) otherwise your application cannot be processed. Send us a scanned copy of your secondary school leaving diploma and all of the yearly transcripts from your secondary school/Bachelor´s diploma from a related filed together with the transcript. Email address:

  • Apply for the Recognition of your previous studies (secondary education/tertiary education). For the purposes of admission just to our University a "simple recognition" is sufficient. The fee is 800 CZK/approx. 33 EUR and the form can be found here. Bank account 931761/0710, payment identification number is 901027 + specific reference number assigned individually to each applicant in the e-application. For more details follow this link. During the application process you will also be asked to provide us with legalized hard copies of your diploma. If you already have a Nostrification from another Czech university, please send us a scan. 

  • We strongly recommend applying for the Recognition of your previous studies immediately after receiving your school-leaving certificate/diploma. If you already have your certificate/diploma issued, start the process immediately.

  • Record and deliver to us a short video in which you explain your motivation to study Mathematics at our Faculty. Required video length 5-10 minutes, max. size 1500 MB, supported formats - .avi, .mp4, .mov, .mkv, .hevc. The video must be of high image and sound quality, and with undoubtedly determinable authorship on the part of the applicant (showing your passport picture page into the camera).

  • Once you have fulfilled all the steps above and your previous studies have been acknowledged, you will be asked to pay the annual tuition fee deposit of 30%, i.e. 19,500 CZK/approx. 800 EUR. When the tuition deposit is credited to the University account you will be officially accepted to studies and the documents which are necessary for the process of obtaining your visa will be prepared. Visa process for non-EU citizens might take several months. Therefore, you are asked not to postpone any of the steps above so that the visa can be issued on time. 


Admission requirements

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Bc. Markéta Kotalová
Bc. Markéta Kotalová
Faculty of Science – Dean's Office
International Student Services Specialist
Phone: +420 731 094 750, +420 553 46 2113

Updated: 22. 10. 2023