Finance and Accommodation - academics

The average salary before tax in the Czech Republic in 2023 is (was) 41,265 CZK (approx. 1735 EUR). The minimum salary before tax in the Czech Republic in 2023 is (was) 17,300 CZK (approx. 730 EUR).

A 30 m2 furnished studio with utilities in Ostrava can be rented for about 12,000 CZK/month (approx. 500 EUR). For a short term stay we can recommended some of the hotels in the city centre with good access to faculty buildings - Mercury, Imperial, Hotel Maria.

The Faculty buildings are located in the city centre, in the municipal area called Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz (Department of Chemistry and Informatics) and in the area called Slezská Ostrava near the University dormitories (Department of Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Physics). Both locations are 10 mins away from each other by public transport.

Updated: 22. 09. 2023