The Department of Informatics and Computer Management of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava provides multi-level education in the Bachelor and the follow-up Master and Ph.D. study programme covering the area of informatics and computer technology including the fields of study for teachers. The students of informatics and applied informatics acquire wide and comprehensive education in the constantly evolving area of informatics and computer technology. The graduates can find employment in private companies, industrial enterprises, private or public sector and the schools sector.

The Department also provides for the teaching of selected courses of computing and informatics for other departments of the University of Ostrava.

Within the lifelong learning courses and further training of the teaching staff, the Department provides specialisation courses and extension study as well as courses for teachers and public and specialisation courses in the sphere of computer networks and computer graphics.

Research activities are carried out in five areas of Soft Computing for IT.

The members of the Department are successful EU project researchers.

Updated: 08. 11. 2017