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Creative educators of digital arts & culture
Project IdERASMUS +KA2
Main solverIng. Zdeňka Telnarová, Ph.D.
Period5/2021 - 4/2023
AnotationA great number of cultural centres, libraries, universities of third age, NGOs acting in culture are placed in small towns and rural areas (further called a ?small CCS?). With the COVID- 19 pandemic, they cannot organise their usual cultural events, courses and other activities. The above is common in all participating countries: Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Greece. Senior citizens are a group particularly exposed to the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic, often resulting in social exclusion and isolation, because many of them have very basic or no digital competences. Numerous courses in digital literacy have been organised for several years by local CCS institutions in all participating countries but their effectiveness is limited. What is more, due to COVID-19 pandemic, educators from local CCS institutions need to find a way to get in touch with people with limited digital skills and to offer them some sort of on-line cultural activities that are attractive enough to motivate them to enter the digital world. This is particularly difficult now, when they are locked in their homes.