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MXenes - Materials fo Future-Generation Technology Applications
Project Id21-28709S
Main solverMgr. František Karlický, Ph.D.
Period1/2021 - 12/2023
ProviderStandardní grantový projekt GA AV
Anotation This project is focused on study of physical properties of a new class of 2D materials, MXenes. These materials are now regarded as highly suitable candidates for numerous technological applications for their robustness and wide range of physical properties achievable within a single materials class (e.g., magnetic properties, tunable band gap from metals to semiconductors) by virtue of the variable composition and surface functionalization. Various MXenes may be well combined to form heterostructures, further extending application potential of these promising materials. On the other hand, accurate theoretical description of MXenes remains challenging on the methods side, as well as for prohibitive computational cost. Due to the presence of delicate interplay of multiple effects in 2D materials, accurate predictions of MXene properties require accurate and costly many-body methods instead of usual density functional theory. The project will contribute to the fundamental understanding of MXene physics and boost their experimental research as well as technological applications.