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Application of Raman spectroscopy in natural scienceFaculty of ScienceWinter15Ph.D.Czech,English
Applications of analytical and separation methodsFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer15Ph.D.Czech,English
Biophysics of photosynthesisFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer15Ph.D.Czech,English
Chloroplast Structure and FunctionFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer15Ph.D.English
Computational Materials ScienceFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer15Ph.D.Czech,English
Diploma Thesis 1Faculty of ScienceWinter6Mgr.Czech
Diploma Thesis 2Faculty of ScienceSummer8Mgr.Czech
Diploma Thesis 3Faculty of ScienceWinter10Mgr.Czech
Diploma Thesis 4Faculty of ScienceSummer10Mgr.Czech
Diploma Thesis Seminar 1Faculty of ScienceWinter3Mgr.Czech,English
Diploma Thesis Seminar 2Faculty of ScienceWinter3Mgr.Czech,English
Electronics and measuring instrumentsFaculty of ScienceSummer3Mgr.Czech,English
Introduction to solid state physics and nanostructuresFaculty of ScienceSummer4Bc.Czech,English
Many-Body MethodsFaculty of ScienceWinter / Summer15Ph.D.Czech,English
Methods of study of plant photosynthetic apparatusFaculty of ScienceSummer6Mgr.Czech,English
Modeling of materials and nanostructuresFaculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
Practical Optical Spectroscopy 1Faculty of ScienceSummer5Bc.Czech,English
Practical Physics 1Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Practical Physics 2Faculty of ScienceSummer3Bc.Czech,English
Practical Physics 3Faculty of ScienceWinter3Bc.Czech,English
Practical Physics 4Faculty of ScienceSummer2Bc.Czech,English
Quantum physics seminarFaculty of ScienceSummer2Bc.Czech,English
Teaching students gifted in science and mathematicsFaculty of ScienceWinter3Mgr.Czech,English