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About the Department of Physics

The Department provides tuition of physical, biophysical, and physical-chemical courses, didactics of physics, applied physics in metrology, preparatory and higher applied mathematics, computer bases.

The Department provides the following (three-year) Bachelor programmes: Experimental Biology, Physics (in combination with another major), Biophysics, Computer Modelling in Physics, Measuring and Computer Presentation of Data. It also provides the following (two-year) follow-up Master’s programmes: Biophysics, Teaching Physics for Secondary Schools (as a single major and in combination with another major), Teaching Physics for Elementary Schools. The Department offers a doctoral programme (three-year) in Theory of Education in Physics in cooperation with the University of Hradec Králové and the University of West Bohemia.

The Department conducts research in the following fields: biophysics (biophysics and ecophysiology of photosynthesis of higher plants, adaptation mechanisms of the photosynthesis apparatus of chosen conifers and cereals to global climate changes), chemical physics (computer modelling of interactions, structure, and dynamics of atomic and molecular clusters), didactics of physics (information and communication technologies in teaching physics and tuition of teachers of natural sciences).

The Department organizes the above-mentioned research in cooperation with major universities and scientific institutions in France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, and Slovakia. Due to overlapping with biology and chemistry, the research is carried out in close cooperation with the Departments of Biology and Chemistry.

The Department runs several specialized, well-equipped educational and research laboratories. The Department includes the Centre of Numerically Demanding Computations and a computer classroom with free access for students of degrees taught by the Department.

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