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Mathematics provides the context for discovery in many scientific disciplines, and plays an important role in our everyday lives. It has enabled many new technologies to be developed, has improved healthcare considerably and has created new ways for people to communicate with each other. It is a language that explains many complicated processes around us and stimulates innovation in society and modern industry.

The principal aim of our Department of Mathematics is to train professional mathematicians to study and solve scientific and technological problems using mathematical methods, and to undertake research in various branches of the subject. We aim also to educate qualified teachers to contribute to an improvement in the standards of teaching at secondary schools.

While studying Mathematics, you will develop your skills for logical thinking and creativity, and get insights and techniques that enable us to understand, analyse and solve problems. You will be fascinated by its internal elegance and beauty.

The logical and analytical skills developed through a degree in mathematics are highly valued by employers. Our graduates go on to work in careers in industry, government and education, as well as business, law, accountancy, banking and computing. The PhD programmes in particular prepare students for research careers.

Mathematics is a very flexible subject: studying mathematics doesn't necessarily mean that you have to become a mathematician, but it provides valuable attributes that can be utilised in other employment. Graduates in mathematics are particularly adaptable when changing jobs and are able to be most useful in many different branches of science and technology.

At our Department of Mathematics you can find a friendly, working and helpful atmosphere. During your study you can join one of our research groups, and also participate in international collaboration, either within the Erasmus and CEEPUS European Exchange Programmes or using funds from our research grants. Our department hosts internationally recognized research in the following fields of mathematics and mathematical physics:

  • geometry of differential equations
  • differential geometry and global analysis
  • calculus of variations, control theory and optimization
  • geometric methods in physics and engineering
  • optimization and operational research
  • analytical and algebraic number theory
  • fuzzy logic, modelling and soft computing
  • mathematical methods for processing information under uncertainty

We prepare and publish an international scientific journal Communications in Mathematics that has a distinguished editorial board of leading experts from European countries, USA, Canada, China and Australia. We also organize international conferences in our subjects of research.

We are also involved in the preparation of student scientific conferences and competitions, such as ISCAMI, a student scientific conference for PhD students, the famous Vojtěch Jarník International Mathematical Competition, the Mathematical Olympiad and Mathematics Championship, as well as of various lectures, seminars and conferences for secondary school students and teachers of mathematics and computer science.

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