Why study at our department?

At our department, tradition goes hand in hand with innovative teaching methods. In addition to seasoned domestic and foreign experts, a large part of teachers and scientists are our graduates and representatives of the upcoming mathematical generation. We are not afraid to give young people a chance, and we offer them space for further development. Our students are not just numbers on endless lists, but individuals, in which we often see, even future colleagues. Of course, university is not just about studying. With us, you will find a friendly environment, and you will get the opportunity to touch not only the roles of scientists and students but also the role of organizer of various events (Open Day, Night of Scientists – a special event where our scientits present their research, Vojtěch Jarník International Mathematical Competition, etc.).

The background of the department

You can find our workplace on the street 30. dubna situated near the Ostrava New Town Hall. The location in the centre of the city is advantageous, as there are many restaurants and cafés nearby. Also, you can rest between classes, or after they end in the nearby located Komenského sady (a huge park). Our historic building will soon undergo an extensive transformation, which will offer students, teachers and scientists a more modern background.

How do we study?

After admission to study, you need to enrol to the compulsory, and optional courses for which you must obtain a predetermined number of credits (each subject is assigned a different value according to its difficulty). University studies are not about collecting grades, even though you will be given some grades for difficult exams. In case you don’t understand the grading system, older students, pedagogical advisers or employees of the study department of our Faculty will be happy to help you. The content of the study is simple. You will gain knowledge of higher mathematics and deeper theoretical and practical knowledge of selected areas of mathematics. Also, we develop the principles of mathematical reasoning, logical, critical and abstract thinking or finding connections between individual branches of mathematics. You can study mathematics as a major or in combination with other fields.

Student exchange abroad

Ostrava may not be the only stop for you on your way to a university degree. If you want to experience, for example, an after – lecture cooling in the Italian sea or aurora borealis in Finland, you have the opportunity to choose from a large number of study stays at European and non-European universities. We will assist you with choosing the right destination and all formalities.

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Updated: 22. 02. 2022