Centre internationalisation

Our centre is open to international cooperation concerning the eye-tracking technology in wide-ranging research.

We welcome both domestic research workplaces and workplaces abroad to cooperate with us. Within this cooperation we would like to engage in research focused on the study of talented pupils with respect to natural sciences as well as the elementary pedagogical psychological research of talented ones.

We consider international cooperation inconceivable if lacking the exchange of experiences concerning the eye-tracking technology. In order to support the international cooperation, conditions for the staff and student mobility need to be created. For this reason, foreign universities are invited to enter into partnership with us as it makes meeting the needs of academic mobility in relevant fields of science easier. Mobility can be accomplished via the Erasmus+ programme within the European Union or via the CEEPUS programme (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies) within Central Europe and the Balkan countries.

Since we kindly welcome cooperation with foreign and domestic workplaces, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Updated: 27. 03. 2018