Building A

  • 30. dubna 22, Moravská Ostrava, Přírodovědecká fakulta

Building C

  • Bráfova 7, Moravská Ostrava, Přírodovědecká fakulta

Building L

  • Chittussiho 10, Slezská Ostrava

Building M

  • Chittussiho 10, Slezská Ostrava

Building I

  • Slívova 32, Slezská Ostrava

Botanical Garden – Greenhouses

  • Na Souvrati 12 - skleníky, Slezská Ostrava

Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava

The Botanical Garden serves to teach elementary botanical disciplines, while at the same time being a place where students carry out the practical parts of their theses. The garden regularly witnesses exhibitions and seminars, meetings of the members of working and interest groups, activities of summer schools, vocational training and excursions of the students of all types of secondary schools, and U3V seminars. All information on the activities and events that take place in the Botanical Garden can be found on its Facebook profile.

The Botanical Garden is found in the Silesian part of the Ostrava City. Its total total area is 5,200 m2, out of which 295 m2 are covered by greenhouses. The garden planting includes annuals, vegetables, herbs, industrial plants, grasses, heather plants, ornamental perennials and a patch where the plant system is presented. The greenhouses contain the collections of tropical and subtropical plants, mainly succulents, crops, and carnivorous plants. Increased attention is paid to epiphytes, especially peperomia plants and orchids. At present, the visitors to the garden can admire about 2,500 different taxons. Since 2005 the garden has been a member of the Union of Botanical Gardens of the Czech Republic.


  • Botanická zahrada PřF OU
    Na Souvrati 12
    tel.: +420 596 235 078

Updated: 26. 09. 2017