Why study at the department

  • With us you will obtain Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. degree education in interesting and perspective biological fields of study that can be applied in many spheres of work practice.
  • You will be based in modern university environment, study in attractive lecture rooms and work in state-of-the-art laboratories.
  • You will acquire skills that are meant to be applicable in practice. You will learn to perform biological experiments, sequence DNA, discover new kinds of organisms and assess data using modern software programmes.
  • In the course of your study, you will meet leading Czech and foreign scientists. You will become involved in scientific research activities related to the topics of biodiversity, evolution and ecology of various groups of living organisms, mutagenic effects of environmental contaminants, protein-DNA interaction, genomics, etc.
  • Within fieldwork you will discover the nature of the Czech Republic and Europe. You will also have an opportunity to visit exotic places such as tropical rainforests.
  • Within the ERASMUS+ programme and other internationalisation projects, you will have a simple and easily accessible opportunity to undertake a part of your studies at European universities or gain professional experience in foreign research institutions.

Why cooperate with us

The Department of Biology and Ecology disposes of experts whose research activities are focused on the study of biological diversity, evolution, phylogenesis, phylogenomics and ecology of model groups of organisms using traditional methods as well as modern approaches of bioinformatics analysis of genome and transcriptome data. Besides complex biodiversity study and its evolution, we carry out the research of biological toxicity and genotoxicity of environmental contaminants including the study of bioremediation and biodegradation.

Updated: 08. 11. 2017