Characteristics of the Department of Physics


The department provides the teaching in the field of general physics, biophysics, physics of nanostructures, didactics of physics, and relating disciplines. We further provide basics of physics, preparatory and higher applied mathematics for non-physical study programs. Our department also participates in the Experimental Biology study program guaranteed by the Department of Biology and Ecology; we also guarantee the course of Medical Biophysics of the General Medicine study program.

The department guarantees the following study programmes:

Bachelor degree programme Physics with specializations (in Czech language):

  • Physics Maior, Physics Maior with Focus on Education, Physics minor
  • Biophysics
  • Physics of Nanostructures

Two-year Postgraduate Master degree programmes (in Czech language):

  • Applied Physics with specializations Biophysics and Physics of Nanostructures
  • Teaching for Secondary Schools – Physics

Doctoral degree programme (in Czech and English languages):

  • Biophysics and Physics of Nanostructures

Scientific research activities at the department are focused on three main areas:

The department operates several specialised state-of-the-art laboratories used for practical training and scientific research activities. Laboratory equipment is gradually modernised so that it can correspond to current research and teaching requirements. Thanks to the financial means from the Research and Development for Innovations Operational Programme, we have recently managed to improve the laboratory equipment for research and teaching of the practical courses of Biophysics by buying a small computer cluster. Our students have an opportunity to become well acquainted with high-tech experimental devices and participate in the research activities within the scope of their theses.

The members of the department pay great attention to the promotion of physics by working intensively with talented young people from lower secondary schools, and secondary school physics teachers, which makes an inseparable part of the  department's contribution to the region's development.

Updated: 07. 11. 2023