From the University of Ostrava to second place in the Czech Brain competition!

Talented graduate of Ostrava's Wichterlov Gymnasium, Šimon Černý, achieved another success under the banner of the Faculty of Science at Ostrava University. The protégé of Dr. František Karlický earned second place in the Czech Brain competition for his work in the field of nanostructure physics.

The talented teenager, Šimon Černý, began taking his first scientific steps at the Faculty of Science at Ostrava University (PřF OU) in 2021. Thanks to the project "University for Schools" of the Statutory City of Ostrava, he entered into cooperation with the PřF OU and subsequently with Dr. František Karlický from the Department of Physics at PřF OU, where they embarked on researching the electronic and optical properties of molybdenum-based semiconductor MXenes. He worked on his topic within the prestigious project of Dr. Karlický under the auspices of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GAČR) titled "MXenes - Materials for Technological Applications of the Future Generation" (21-28709S).

His collaboration with Dr. Karlický, extended to three years, was also supported by projects such as the Center for Research in Science Education and Talent Management (CVVPT) - "Future Scientists in the World of New Technologies" (0003/7/NAD/2022; MŠMT) and "Physics in the Lead Role" (0032/7/NAD/2023; MŠMT). During this time, he achieved interesting successes in the traditional High School Professional Activity (SOČ) and received the Prize of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic.

Now, the echo of his collaboration with our mentor from the Department of Physics and High School Studies has been definitively closed in the Czech Brain competition. In the category "Universum - Man and Exact Sciences," he reached second place for his work related to the aforementioned semiconductor MXenes. The jury was impressed by the highly topical theme with potential implications for everyday life. Šimon Černý's work indicated the potential of these materials for use in electronics and optoelectronics.

"This is an extraordinary success because there is stiff competition among participants in the Czech Brain competition, and only the best make it to the final round. We congratulate Šimon; his diligence, patience, and determination deserve great recognition," commented Dr. František Karlický on the success.


Updated: 31. 10. 2023