Can you solve any problem? Do you like functions or integrals? Don't you have a phobia of numbers or letters? If you prefer logical thinking over memorizing tons of information, then you are on the right track with us. We can promise that you will not be just a number on a long list of students, and we will do everything for your further development. We like challenges, and we like to face them with paper and pencil or with a computer. With us, you will go through all the basic disciplines of mathematics, learn to perceive them comprehensively and use them in practice with the ease of Pythagoras.

We offer study programmes in bachelor's (Mathematics), follow-up master's (Fuzzy mathematics and Mathematics) and doctoral (Mathematics) studies. Besides, we also provide teaching of study programmes that offer a combination of mathematics with other disciplines - both for those interested in the teaching profession or in some particular specialization. But that doesn't mean you will necessarily end up as a full-time mathematician once you finish your studies. Our graduates have acquired skills useful not only in the school environment, but in industrial operations, scientific institutions, banking, government or the IT sector too.

We are proud to cooperate with foreign universities within the Erasmus+, CEEPUS, and other programs. With us, you have a unique chance to choose from a large number of study exchange opportunities at European and non-European universities.

If you want something more from your studies, you are in a right place. You can take part, for example, in the organization of conferences or in the preparation of the well-known Vojtěch Jarník International Mathematical Competition, which our department has been running for decades. Also, we publish the international scientific journal Communications in Mathematics, with editorial board composed of leading experts from Europe, the USA, Canada, China and Australia.

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Updated: 23. 02. 2022