Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics


  • Global variational analysis and geometry
  • Differential equations on manifolds
  • Mathematical physics
  • Algebraic structures in mathematical physics
  • Spectral theory, Schrödinger operators
  • Geometric mechanics and control

Research group

  • professor Olga Rossi (University of Ostrava)
  • professor M.A. David John Saunders, PhD. (University of Ostrava)
  • professor Jana Musilová, CSc. (Masaryk University, Brno)
  • professor Pasha Zusmanovich (University of Ostrava)
  • professor Diana Barseghyan (University of Ostrava and Science, Technology & Engineering in Rez)
  • Dr. Willy Sarlet (University of Ostrava and Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Dr. Martin Swaczyna (University of Ostrava)
  • Dr. Ondřej Turek (University of Ostrava and Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • Dr. Petr Volný (Technical University of Ostrava)
  • Arezoo Zohrabi (University of Ostrava)
  • Daniel Amankwah (University of Ostrava)
  • Eliška Beránková (University of Ostrava)
  • Michaela Kopřivová (University of Ostrava)
  • Stanislav Hronek (Masaryk University, Brno)

Updated: 24. 05. 2018