The main goal of the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Ostrava is to produce professional mathematicians who will be able to study and solve scientific and technological issues using mathematical methods as well as carry out research in different sectors of this sphere. Also, our aim is to produce qualified teachers who will contribute to increased teaching quality at secondary schools.

What employers value highly is the ability of logical and analytical thinking developed during the study of mathematics. Our graduates find good employment in the industry, public service administration and schools sector, as well as in the private sector, namely in the sphere of law, accounting, banking, and computers and information technology. Our Ph.D. programmes prepare the students for scientific career.

You can find friendly, working and welcoming atmosphere at our department. During your studies, you can get involved in some of our research groups or participate in international cooperation either within the European exchange programmes such as Erasmus and CEEPUs or making use of finance from our research grants. Internationally recognised research takes place at our department in the following areas of mathematics and mathematical physics:

  • Geometry of differential equations
  • Geometric mechanics and control
  • Calculus of variations on manifolds
  • Geometric methods in physics and engineering
  • Geometry and symmetry of differential equations
  • Spectral theory, Schrödinger operators
  • Quantum graphs
  • Algebraic structures in mathematical physics, Lie algebras
  • Analytic and algebraic number theory

We publish the Communications in Mathematics international journal, the editorial board of which is composed of leading experts from many European countries, the USA, Canada, China and Australia. We also organise international conferences linked to the areas of our research.

We participate in the preparation of student scientific conferences and competitions such as ISCAMI, famous Vojtěch Jarník International Mathematical Competition, and the Mathematical Olympiad. We organise lectures, seminars and conferences for secondary school students and mathematics and informatics teachers.

Updated: 08. 11. 2017