Department characteristics

Are you interested in the world around you? Then you’re in the right place! Geography isn’t just about blank maps, textbook principles and concepts. We’ll help you see the world in a broader context and open the door to an exciting future. Study with us isn’t just about memorising lectures, it’s also about practical application, engaging in research, and the creation of various strategies.

We offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degree programmes. In our Department, you can obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Geography and Regional Development, or Political and Cultural Geography. At the Follow-up Master’s level, you can enrol in the Political and Cultural Geography programme or the Land Planning and Real Estate Market programme. We also offer study programmes for those interested in the teaching profession – a Bachelor’s double-degree in Geography and a Master’s degree in Teaching of Geography for Primary and Secondary Schools.

Our Department also offers an extension course in Geography for Teachers, which allows educators to expand on their qualifications in this field or to upgrade their qualifications to teach in secondary schools along with primary schools. In the study programmes Political and Cultural Geography, Economic Geography and Regional Development, and Teaching of Geography for Primary and Secondary Schools, our Department also guarantees a PhD oral examination for graduates of the Master’s degree programme in Geography (and other related fields of study) with the right to award the degree Doctor of Natural Sciences (RNDr., corresponds to M.Sc.).

Whether you want to be in front of students and teach geography, research matters in the Czech Republic and abroad, or become an expert in designing various urban, municipal and regional development concepts, you don’t have to worry about your future with us!

In addition to field-specific knowledge, we also give you the opportunity to learn multiple languages. As part of your studies, you can take English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian language courses, which will come handy in your future career and help you differentiate yourself in a crowded job market.




Updated: 08. 02. 2022