The University of Ostrava Will Open a New Research Centre for SMART Technologies

The University of Ostrava wants to focus more on the future of SMART technologies. In cooperation with research and non-profit organizations, businesses and public administrations, the University will explore their use in cities and municipalities on a more massive scale.

#kultura2030: Participation and vision of the young generation in Ostrava

Geographers from the Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava, are finalizing the preparations of a new cultural concept of the city of Ostrava. The strategic document is supposed to reflect the next generation ideas and work better with the potential of the city.

Social geographers preparing a recipe for the transformation of the heart of Ostrava

One of major fields of action of the social geographers based at the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava (FS UO) is a city. What social geographers study particularly is the transformation of a city over time as well as the relation between the transformation and the life of people. Social geographers help town and city halls prepare their future development plans. One such plan is currently being prepared for the Central Ostrava District.