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Mathematics - Master's Degree Program


Within the Mathematics study programme, we aim at preparing you for the career of a scientist or an expert in many different spheres such as industry, banking or insurance services. Our basic goal is to provide you with the mathematical knowledge and deepen it. Also, our objective also is to develop your skills of independent logical thinking, abstracting and mathematising real issues, solving the issues using mathematical methods and computer technology, and finally interpreting the results correctly. Having finished your studies, you will be ready to work independently as well as in a team and you will be capable of extending and completing your knowledge and skills.

You can choose from two specialisations – Mathematics and Fuzzy Mathematics. Within the common core of both of them, you will acquire advanced knowledge of mathematical analysis (functional and complex analysis, measure and integral), geometry and topology. You will learn to solve complex mathematical problems proposing an appropriate mathematical model, interpret obtained results and present them adequately.

Within the Mathematics specialisation, you will further extend and deepen your knowledge of modern mathematical disciplines and links between them, as well as applications that will move you forward in understanding thein the real world.

Within the Fuzzy Mathematics specialisation, you will acquire deeper knowledge, and a current overview of the development of common mathematical areas. Special attention will be paid to mathematical structures, models and methods that will enable you to work with various types of uncertainties.

Within both specialisations, you will further shape your profile in different professional seminars in which you will deepen your knowledge in selected mathematical and application areas or obtain elementary training for scientific work.
Courses in Mathematics here
Courses in Fuzzy Mathematics here

Entry and Language Requirements

We recommend that you have reached the B2 English language level (IELTS 6 and higher, TOEFL 50 and higher) so that you are not limited in lectures and seminars. If your English skills are insufficient, you may not complete the study successfully.

Career prospects

What sort of jobs will mathematics be relevant for?

The skills you will acquire comprise independent logical thinking, abstracting and mathematising real issues, solving the issues using mathematical methods as well as computer technology and interpreting the results correctly. Moreover, the skills will comprise working autonomously and/or in a team, extending and developing obtained knowledge and skills, and presenting them, and communicating in English. Such skills will further predetermine you - if you are a graduate of the follow-up Master´s degree in Mathematics - to work as an independent professional specialist (or a team/working group leader) on analysis, modelling and problem solving using mathematical methods. Graduates can most frequently achieve positions like a data processing specialist, senior analyst in various areas or a member of research teams working on data processing and evaluation.

Our graduates have gone on to work for organisations including:

U&Sluno, Science and Technology Center Ostrava, Česká pojišťovna, Innogy, Tieto, OSIsoft

Tuition fee and funding

62,500 CZK (2500 EUR) per academic year. Except the first year of study, you can repay the amount for each term individually. If you study at a partner university, the tuition fee shall be halved.

Based on your achieved learning outcomes, you can apply for an academic scholarship. Also, if you have achieved outstanding academic results, you can be awarded a scholarship to cover the tuition fee.

How to apply

You will provide the evidence of completing the Bachelor level of study and submit your Bachelor Thesis. You will attach the cover letter with preliminary information on what courses and with what results you have completed the previous study and what areas you would like to focus on within the Master´s Degree courses. Based on this, the committee will make the admission decision. Finally, after the decision is made, the usual procedure of Bachelor´s Degree equivalence in the Czech Republic will be carried out having taken place the standard procedure of the equivalence of Bachelor´s Degree in the Czech Republic and, you will be admitted to follow a course of study.

How to apply

Admission requirements 2020/2021

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Updated: 04. 03. 2020

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