Analytical Number Theory


  • Diophantine approximations (mainly irrationality and transcendence)
  • Distribution functions and their applications
  • Theory of generalised densities and additive measures

Research group

  • professor Jaroslav Hančl (University of Ostrava)
  • professor Florian Luca (University of Ostrava)
  • professor Ladislav Mišík (University of Ostrava)
  • professor Štefán Porubský (University of Ostrava)
  • professor RNDr. Jan Šustek (University of Ostrava)
  • professor János Tóth (University of J. Selye, Komárno)
  • Dr. Ondřej Kolouch (University of Ostrava)
  • Dr. Lukáš Novotný (University of Ostrava)
  • Dr. Attila Tamás Pethö (University of Ostrava)
  • Dr. Zuzana Václavíková (University of Ostrava)
  • Kamil Keprt (University of Ostrava)

Updated: 24. 05. 2018