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Pasha Zusmanovich

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Academic degree, name, surname:doc. Pasha Zusmanovich, PhD., M.Sc.
Room, floor, building: A 112, Building A
Research interests and teaching:
Department/ Faculty: Department of Mathematics (Faculty of Science)
Phone number, mobile: +420 553 46 2134
Personal website:

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All publications

Zusmanovich, P. a Makhlouf, A. Hom-Lie structures on Kac-Moody algebras. J ALGEBRA. 2018, 515(Prosinec), s. 278-297. ISSN 0021-8693.
Zusmanovich, P. a Grishkov, A. Deformations of current Lie algebras. I. Small algebras in characteristic 2. J ALGEBRA. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 473, s. 513-44. ISSN 0021-8693.
Zusmanovich, P. Non-semigroup gradings of associative algebras. Linear Algebra and its Applications. 2017, č. 523, s. 52-58. ISSN 0024-3795.
Zusmanovich, P. Special and exceptional mock-Lie algebras. LINEAR ALGEBRA APPL. 2017, roč. 2017, č. 518, s. 79-96. ISSN 0024-3795.
Zusmanovich, P. LIE ALGEBRAS AND AROUND: SELECTED QUESTIONS. Matematicheskii Zhurnal. 2016, č. 16, s. 231-245. ISSN 1682-0525.
Zusmanovich, P. On the last question of Stefan Banach. Expositiones Mathematicae. 2016, č. 34, s. 454-466. ISSN 0723-0869.
Zusmanovich, P. On the utility of Robinson-Amitsur ultrafilters. II. J ALGEBRA. 2016, č. 466, s. 370-377. ISSN 0021-8693.
Zusmanovich, P. Stay at the University of Wroclaw. 2016.
Zusmanovich, P. Yet another proof of the Ado theorem. J LIE THEORY. 2016, č. 26, s. 673-681. ISSN 0949-5932.
Zusmanovich, P. A compendium of Lie structures on tensor products. Journal of Mathematical Sciences. 2014, č. 199, s. 266-288. ISSN 1573-8795.
Zusmanovich, P. Lie algebras with given properties of subalgebras and elements. In: Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics. 85. vyd. Berlin: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014. s. 99-109. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics85. ISBN 978-3-642-55360-8.
Zusmanovich, P. a Melikyan, H. Melikyan algebra is a deformation of a Poisson algebra. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 532. 2014, č. 532, s. 1-5. ISSN 1742-6596.
Zusmanovich, P. Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques. 2013.
Zusmanovich, P. North Carolina Central University. 2013.
Zusmanovich, P. On near and the nearest correlation matrix. Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics. 2013, č. 20, s. 431-439.
Petrov, F. a Zusmanovich, P. On Shirshov bases of graded algebras. Israel Journal of Mathematics. 2013, roč. 1, s. 23-28.
Zusmanovich, P. On the utility of Robinson-Amitsur ultrafilters. Journal of Algebra. 2013, č. 388, s. 268-286.
Zusmanovich, P. Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques. 2012.
Zusmanovich, P. How Euler would compute the Euler-Poincaré characteristic of a Lie superalgebra. Expositiones Mathematicae. 2011, č. 29, s. 345-360.
Zusmanovich, P. Non-existence of invariant symmetric forms on generalized Jacobson-Witt algebras revisited. Communications in Algebra. 2011, č. 39, s. 548-554.
Dzhumadildaev, A. a Zusmanovich, P. The alternative operad is not Koszul. Experimental Mathematics. 2011, č. 20, s. 138-144.
Zusmanovich, P. South China Normal University. 2010.

PASX1Úvod do pravděpodobnosti a statistiky
TEKATÚvod do teorie kategorií
TMAINTeorie míry a integrálu
USPA1Uspořádané algebraické struktury 1
VAPMSVybrané aplikace matematické statistiky
WINRTIntroduction to Representation Theory
WPAS1Introduction to Probability & Statistics
WTMANMeasure Theory and Integration
WVES1Research Seminar 1
WVES2Research Seminar 2
6AID1Analysis and Interpretation of Data 1
6AID3Analysis and Interpretation of Data 3
6ALGSAlgebraic Structures
6AMF2Algebraic and Geom. Methods in Physics 2
6LAG4Linear Algebra 4
6ODS1Seminar 1
6ODS2Seminar 2
6PAS1Probability and Statistics 1
6PAS2Probability and Statistics 2
6TEKACategory Theory
6VES1Research Seminar 1
6VES2Research Seminar 2
6VES3Research Seminar 3
6VES4Research Seminar 4
7AID1Analýza a interpretace dat 1
7AID3Analýza a interpretace dat 3
7ALGSAlgebraické struktury
7AMF2Algebraické a geom. metody ve fyzice 2
7LAG4Lineární algebra 4
7ODS1Odborný seminář 1
7ODS2Odborný seminář 2
7PAS1Pravděpodobnost a statistika 1
7PAS2Pravděpodobnost a statistika 2
7TEKATeorie kategorií
7VES1Vědecký seminář 1
7VES2Vědecký seminář 2
7VES3Vědecký seminář 3
7VES4Vědecký seminář 4
8ALOPAlgebry a operády
8CODEKohomologie a deformace
8VSD1Vědecký seminář doktorského studia 1
8VSD2Vědecký seminář doktorského studia 2
8VSD3Vědecký seminář doktorského studia 3
8VSD4Vědecký seminář doktorského studia 4
8VSD5Vědecký seminář doktorského studia 5
8VSD6Vědecký seminář doktorského studia 6
9ALOPAlgebras and Operads
9CODECohomology and Deformations
9VSD1PhD Research Seminar 1
9VSD2PhD Research Seminar 2
9VSD3PhD Research Seminar 3
9VSD4PhD Research Seminar 4
9VSD5PhD Research Seminar 5
9VSD6PhD Research Seminar 6

AuthorTitleType of thesisYear
Paulenová LadislavaBernard Bolzano and his mathematical workBachelor's thesis 2015 

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