Contract consultancy and research

Our Department offers services, consultancy and contract research in the areas below:

  • Analysis and evaluation of urban and regional policies
  • Analysis and evaluation of urban and regional socio-economic development
  • Analysis and strategies for urban and regional demographic development
  • Geographical evaluation of the real estate market
  • Impact assessment of urban projects at different spatial levels
  • Assessment of the business and innovation environment in cities and regions
  • Assessment of the attractiveness and vitality of public spaces
  • Assessment of the quality of life of local population
  • Soft and hard location factors
  • Mapping of cultural and creative industries
  • Mapping of the sectoral structure of municipalities, cities, and regions
  • Mapping of the perception of urban space
  • Marketing surveys among municipal, urban, and regional population
  • Training in cultural, political, and economic geography for educators
  • Survey and mapping of the retail network in cities
  • Preparation of conceptual documents for culture, sport, or tourism
  • Preparation of retail impact assessment (RIA) studies
  • Development of strategic plans for municipalities, cities, and regions
  • Development of strategies and concepts for increasing the attractiveness of city centres
  • Development of strategies for cultural and creative industries


  • FajnOVA CENTRUM Strategic Plan
  • Concept of Cultural Development of the Statutory City of Ostrava #2030
  • Survey of the needs of Ostrava families
  • Survey of the quality of life from the perspective of the Ostrava city centre residents

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Updated: 02. 02. 2022