Master’s Degree In Mathematics

For your Master’s studies of Mathematics you can choose from two specialisations – Mathematics and Fuzzy Mathematics. Within the common core of both of them, you will acquire advanced knowledge of mathematical analysis (functional and complex analysis, measure and integral), geometry and topology. You will learn to solve complex mathematical problems proposing an appropriate mathematical model, interpret obtained results and present them adequately.

Courses in mathematics

Courses in fuzzy mathematics

Within the Mathematics specialisation, you will further extend and deepen your knowledge of modern mathematical disciplines and links between them, as well as applications that will move you forward in understanding the real world. Within the Fuzzy Mathematics specialisation, you will acquire deeper knowledge, and a current overview of the development of common mathematical areas. Special attention will be paid to mathematical structures, models and methods that will enable you to work with various types of uncertainties.

Admission process

Requirements for Master’s Degree Study Programme

  • Each applicant must have duly completed one of the following study programme types (from a related field)
  • delivering a motivational video in English (to the designated UO cloud)
  • B2 English language level (no certificate required)

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

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Updated: 31. 10. 2023