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Mechanisms of resistance to insecticides in oilseed rape pest populations, their baseline susceptibilities to newly registered insecticides and impact of insecticide applications on development of larvae of the insect pests and on the natural enemies
Project IdQK21010332
Main solverMgr. Hana Sezimová, Ph.D.
Period1/2021 - 12/2025
ProviderKatedra biologie a ekologie, Program ZEMĚ
AnotationProject proposal consists of five mutually connected and related objectives: 1) To analyse mechanisms of occurring resistance to pyrethroids in Czech populations of B. aeneus and P. chrysocephala 2) To propose new methods of testing susceptibility of important oilseed rape insect pests against newly registered insecticides to be possible to state baseline levels of their susceptibility 3) To evaluate effects of insecticides (the registered even not yet registered ones) on insect pest ability to reproduce and create new generation (effect on fertility) 4) To assess impact of insecticide applications on natural enemies of insect pests, nontarget organisms and environment 5) To state baseline susceptibility levels for important species of natural enemies of oilseed rape pests