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Ecological, phylogenetic, and ethological analyzes of selected groups of organisms
Project IdSGS06/PŘF/2024
Main solverMgr. Jana Koller, Ph.D.
Period1/2024 - 12/2024
ProviderSpecifický VŠ výzkum
AnotationThe presented project focuses on a systematic and comprehensive examination of issues related to biological diversity. It incorporates approaches from the fields of phylogenetics, population genetics, and ethology, with a deeper exploration of selected groups of organisms, specifically lower and higher plants, insects, fish, amphibians, and mammals. This differentiated perspective is based on the individual research goals of supervisors (P. Drozd, A. Dolný, Z. Ďuriš, L. Choleva, K. Janko, P. Kočárek, V. Plášek, J. Pluháček, J. Ševčík) and members of research teams. The project outlines several areas that will be addressed by individual research Teams. These scopes are outlined in the appendix to project A1. The project goals are carefully aligned with specific research questions that will be addressed within individual dissertation works. Manuscripts for selected outputs will be submitted to reputable specialized impact journals, and in addition, partial results of the project will be presented at national and international scientific conferences.