Department of Internationalization

In terms of the international relations, the main function of the Department is the internationalization and its coordination. The internationalization includes building up international cooperation between the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava and foreign universities not only within the European Union, but also in the wider world, mainly the Eastern Europe, Asia and America.

The international cooperation is primarily developed by:

  • complex administration of the outgoing and incoming mobilities within the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS programmes
  • support, organization and coordination of outgoing students university promotion abroad through active communication
  • preparation and evidence of international agreements
  • organization of informing and awareness-raising activities and seminars
  • services to foreign students in the field of the study and accommodation

Vice-Dean for Development and Internationalization
+420 553 46 2180
+420 733 756 592
Foreign Relations Officer, Erasmus Programme Faculty Coordinator
+420 553 46 2105
+420 739 338 653
International Student Services Specialist for Bachelor's and Master's Study Programmes
+420 553 46 2113
+420 731 094 750
Centre for Internationalization

Updated: 30. 06. 2023